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Starry Kiss



FEATURE: Cabin Fever

TAG LINE: Truth Will Out

SUMMARY:  A man is pushed to his death from the heights of Wiltmore Falls. Left for dead, the Christmas-y snow envelopes his bloodied body. 


The following Fall, Old friends unite at Whitewater Lodge and they all make their way to the cabin. 


Ashley tries to look out for Emma and support her the best he can, but she stays quiet amidst their friends raucous laughter, imprisoned by memories that won't let go and a deep foreboding feeling that the truth they are all still desperately trying to come to terms with, isn't the only truth out there and why does Ashley's song seem so much louder outside among the icy trees than in cosy, fire lit walls of the cabin?

FEATURE: Drowning Will

TAG LINE: Love Survives.

SUMMARY: A transatlantic love story intercepted by 24 hours of the 7/7 London Bombings. 


London awakens to the 7/7 Bombings. Three deadly explosions rip through the Underground. Taylor and her sister are trapped in the second carriage of the northern line train just south of Kings Cross. Through the deathly silence and blackening dust, they form an army of walking wounded and search for air through a torrid whirlwind of smoke and memories. Taylor screams for Will, the lost love her heart will endlessly search for & all humanity.

Paintography. Portrait combined with han





I hear your cry

(c) 2019

Newborn Baby

FEATURE: Fortress

TAG LINE: Killer Instinct Saves Lives

SUMMARY:  A.K.M, heuristics expert,  trained in chemical warfare and nuclear emissions can find her way into anyone’s mind, but will not allow anyone to enter hers. Until...


An Mi6 Operative is on loan to the CIA to profile a Russian Spy, who has infiltrated the United States Presidency. When a simple observation operation, takes an unexpected turn, the Mi6 operative is left at the mercy of a retired marine. As the pair are forced to work together to free themselves and save the state, the hidden secrets of  an intertwined past creep to the surface, and all their darkest fears, are once more brought to life.

SHORT: Brother Brother

TAG LINE: Ties that bind

SUMMARY : I feel your heartbeat, I hear your cry.


Two friends race against the clock to correct a past mistake and build a future for all. Where there is a will, there is always a way.  If the path isn't clear, we all need the bravest of friends to shine a light and help pave the way.

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